Blog Redesign

Blog design revamped

I have decided after long period of not blogging to start over again and best thing you can do for fresh start is to redesign your blog. My choice this time is light background instead of dark background. It seams at least for me that is easier to read and focus on content on light backgrounds. This is tiny screenshot how my old blog looked like :


I have also tried to incorporate minimalistic approach but I don’t know if I have succeeded.
Because I am not designer I have hired designer to do all work for me. You will be able to contact him soon if you want by link in bottom of page “Designed by…” that I will insert in few days.

Migrate old content to new design

I have decided to not migrate old blog content to new design. What I am mean by migrate is to change “Syntax highlighting” for code, reposition pictures, content and insert missing H1,H2 headers for some posts and similar.
Because this is fresh start I want to start fresh and not go back to old content.

My writing focus

My old readers probably are aware that my focus was Silverlight and .NET development. I will continue to have focus on Silverlight because Silverlight probably will remain best technology for development intranet browser applications for long time.

I will also have strong focus on Kinect, Azure, Windows Phone and Win 8 development.

I have worked on some projects that involve these technologies and I will try to write about things I have learned on this blog.

Your comments?

What do you think about my new blog design and choice of my writing focus ?

1 Comment on Blog Redesign

  1. Igor Markovic
    October 14, 2011 at 11:25 pm (13 years ago)

    I like your new blog theme.
    Looking forward to your new posts.