7 reasons to Start your Software Development Blog Today

In one of my previous blog posts I have talked about Simple Way to start a Developer blog, but I didn’t talk about reasons why you need to have a blog.

I will try to summarize why I think that it’s important to have your own blog.


1. Declutter your mind

I made a decision recently.

I’ll try to write a blog post about everything important I learn.

I often struggle to remember lots of things which I find important to me.

Instead of trying to remember all those things better way is to write a blog post about interesting subject and save only reference to this blog post with brief summary in my mind.

This way I de-clutter my mind and in the same time make myself findable online.

2. Grow community on your blog

I think that many developers have plans or dreams to release some product somewhere in the future.

This product can be mobile or web app, book or video or something else.

Increasing number of followers on your blog, twitter etc. can help you later with the marketing of your upcoming product.


3. Self promotion

From your blog potential employer can get a much better insight of your knowledge than he could from the resume.

Having a technical blog increases your chances to get freelance jobs related to topics you post.

High-influential bloggers are often called to speak at technical conferences.

4. Earn money from blog

There are a lot of ways to earn money from your blog.

Some people even live from blogging.

Important is to know that usually only high-influential bloggers earn a lot of money from their blogs.

5. Help others


“Help Me so I can Help You later”.

It’s a nice feeling when you help someone to solve some problem.

If you help others you can expect help from others.

6. Validate your ideas

If you have a great idea or solution, easiest way to validate it is to put it online.

This way you can collect feedback early, find faults in your design and correct potential issues.

7. Blogging is the great way to learn

Explaining things to other people is the best way to learn.

You can only teach what you understand.

If you want to master some subject just try to write a blog post about it.

If you are ready to start blogging today read my previous blog post about Simple way to set-up your blog.


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